The Battery Pass consortium hosted five webinars in its series on the Battery Passport Content Guidance

Jul 12, 2023News

After the successful launch of the “Battery Passport Content Guidance” at Hannover Messe we held webinar series on the Guidance, running from 16 May until 11 July 2023. Over the course of five webinars, our participants had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the content requirements for the battery passport, exchanged with experts in the field, and addressed any questions they had.
All five webinars are now available on Battery Pass YouTube channel:

Webinar 1: Introduction to the concept of the battery passport – What does it cover, who is responsible, and how will it work?

Webinar 2: Circularity data for the battery passport – An overview on circular design, battery composition, recycled/ renewable content, and end-of-life information

Webinar 3: Supply chain due diligence data for the battery passport – An overview of battery passport information contributing to sustainable battery supply chains

Webinar 4: Performance and durability data for the battery passport – An overview of data attributes required to determine the battery state

Webinar 5: The battery carbon footprint – Battery passport reporting requirements and calculation approach, with deep dive on the end-of-life allocation

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