The Battery Pass Consortium launches updated Content Guidance on EU Battery Passport

Dec 7, 2023News

We’re excited to announce that the Battery Pass Consortium, made up of eleven leading international organisations, has published the update of its Content Guidance on the EU Battery Passport. The updated Content Guidance includes new insights from the continued work of the Consortium and reflects the final contents of the EU Battery Regulation, which entered into force in August 2023.

This guidance, which was initially launched in April 2023 at Hannover Messe, is designed to support the implementation of the battery passport as mandated by the new EU Battery Regulation in a way that is feasible for industry players while guaranteeing the environmental and economic benefits of a digital product passport.

As such, it provides comprehensive guidance on reporting requirements for the responsible economic actors of the battery passport and other participants along the battery value chain. The guidance also explores further key regulatory frameworks such as the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation and suggests additional value-adding aspects beyond the mandatory regulatory scope to enable increased sustainability and circularity.

As a major milestone of the Battery Pass Consortium, the Content Guidance is an essential element of the project’s overall support of the European Union’s agenda of a twin transition (digital and green) and towards increased sustainability and circularity.

The Battery Passport Content Guidance Version 1.1 is available together with an executive summary and a longlist of required data via this link. It is complemented by an update of the Battery Pass rules for calculating the carbon footprint of the “Distribution” and “End-of-life and recycling” life cycle stages of batteries (version 1.1). The updated rules comprise more guidance on key topics such as multi-output allocation and are integrated into the Global Battery Alliance’s GHG rulebook version 2.0.

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