Product Passport Pioneers with Tilmann Vahle, Co-Lead Mobility Platform, SYSTEMIQ Deutschland

Oct 6, 2022News

Watch this video published by Spherity in their Product Passport Pioneers program.

In episode 3, learn from Tilmann Vahle (Co-Lead Mobility Platform, SYSTEMIQ Deutschland) ‘what is the real promise of the digital product passport’. In this episode from earlier 2022, Tilmann is introducing the company Systemiq and their work as consortium leader of the research project “Battery Pass”, funded by the Germany Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. He introduced all consortium members and what is their role in the project.

Tilmann talks about the goals of the Battery Pass project and how it will relate to already existing initiatives, such as the Global Battery Alliance and work within Catena-X.

Tune in to understand how the automotive industry is involved in building the Battery Passport to comply with the new EU Battery Regulation, but also what their business confidentiality requirements are. Tilmann also explains how the new EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation impacts the work of the consortium. It is discussed what the battery passport has to do with Gaia-x, decentralised identities, and how a solution can be made available to thousands of actors in the value chain.

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